Everything you need when planing a vacation trip to San Francisco
At the San Francisco Zoo


The greeter at the California Academy of Sciences

Despite the fearsome greeter at the California Academy of Sciences, pictured above, kids love the place. There are endless things for them to do there including exploring a tropical rain forest filled with butterflies.

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At the San Fracisco Zoo

They may not have any elephants, but they have all the other zoo standards and many extras, such as a family of gorillas. They have a petting zoo for the little ones and an antique kids' steam train and a fantastic 1921 carousel.

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The Palace of Fine Arts

This hands-on science museum fills its vast space behind the Palace of Fine Arts with more than 400 exhibits. The only thing they don't have is any bored kids.

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The Aquarium of the Bay at the foot of Pier 39 in Fisherman's Wharf shows visitors what is going on just below the bay's surface. Turns out it is quite a bit as you see up close from their underwater tunnel.

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This small nature museum and wildlife recovery center in the hills near Twin Peaks serves the preschoolers of the local neighborhoods, but also welcomes visitors from outside the area.

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At the Golden Gate Park's Playground

The nation's oldest public playground has reopened after being renovated and updated with the latest in playground equipment. Its restored 1912 carousel is still in service, delighting children and their parents.

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