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The playground in Golden Gate Park


The Playground in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park

In a Nutshell...

For the last 120 years or so this was called the Children's Playground in Golden Gate Park, but after a recent $3.8 million renovation it has reopened with a new name as the Koret Children's Quarter, honoring its funding source. The playground is the nation's oldest public playground, having opened in 1887.


As nice as its new playground equipment is, and it is very nice, the crown jewel of the playground corner of the park is its 1912 carrousel. Although it has been bobbing kids up and down and preparing them for the rat race of life for nearly a century now, it is in beautiful condition and features 62 beasts, each one more beautiful than the rest. No childhood should be without some memories tied to such a splendid treasure.



  • Original 1912 carrousel
  • Large playground with modern equipment


  • Not enough parking
  • Carrousel closed much of the year


Let's go for a ride

Carrousel Hours:

Daily, Memorial Day through Labor Day 10:00 am - 4:30 pm



The Playground's main attraction


Neighborhood: Golden Gate Park

320 Bowling Green Drive
San Francisco, CA 94101
(415) 831-5500


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Green Turtle


bottem of the shadow


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