Everything you need when planing a vacation trip to San Francisco
Looking out over the city


The historic Cliff House

The historic Cliff House's location on the North Western corner of the San Francisco peninsula gives it sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and has been a draw for presidents and celebrities for many generations.

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Inside the Empress of China restaurant

The Empress of China's top floor location in the heart of Chinatown, has some of San Francisco’s best restaurant views of the city and the food is a cut above most of what is served in the neighborhood.

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The Rotunda

The Rotunda restaurant on the top floor of Neiman Marcus has wonderful views of San Francisco's Union Square as well as looking down on the shoppers in the department store below.

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The Cheesecake Factory atop Macy's on Union Square in the heart of downtown San Francisco

This Cheesecake Factory is in the heart of San Francisco's downtown action. It sits on top of Macy's Department Store, overlooking Union Square with a fantastic view of great towers of commerce.

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The Mark Hopkins Hotel on Nob Hill

The legendary TOTM is a restaurant and lounge with some of the most glorious views of the city and bay. It is one of those places where, in everybody's life, there should be at least one meal eaten here.

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The View Bar

The View Lounge offers spectacular views of the city and bay from the 39th floor of the Marriott Hotel. The effect is heightened by the soaring architecture of the lounge itself.

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Lois Dinner

This Lori's Diner, located in Ghirardelli Square, has a nice waterfront view. It is a good budget choice for a view restaurant in the Fisherman's Wharf tourist district.

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McCormick and Kuleto's

McCormick & Kuleto's Seafood Restaurant in Ghirardelli Square gives diners a white tablecloth dining experience with a fantastic view of San Francisco Bay. Although in the tourist district, they also have repeat local patrons.

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The Crab House is the white one on the right

Crab House on Pier 39 is known among locals as one of the city's top crab houses despite being at the epicenter of the tourist district. Their specialty is Dungeneese crabs served with a garlic sauce and a wonderful harbor view.

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The view from the Grandviews

The Hyatt Grandviews restaurant sits atop the Hyatt tower just off of Union Square in downtown San Francisco. The great thing about it is that it has a fantastic view of the skyscrapers of the Financial District.

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Swiss Louis on Pier 39

Swiss Louis Italian and Seafood restaurant offers a menu with something for everyone. While the food is not gourmet, it is not so bad and comes with a wonderful view of the harbor, the city and the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Inside the Nordstrom Bristro

The swanky department store Nordstrom on Market Street has a cafe on its top floor. Diners will enjoy its view up Powell Street to Nob Hill and of the tall building in between. The food there is held to a high standard.

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