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Yes, tipping is an antiquated holdover from the class system of a bygone era, can be seen as demeaning to the recipient and can inject awkwardness in some situations, but it endures. And since it does, not tipping can be a major faux pas. And even more than that, since prices are based on the assumption that one will be adding a tip for the service side of the bill, not tipping is on almost the same moral, if not legal, plain as shoplifting. Bottom line: Tipping is not optional and is not for only exceptional service.


When one travels, the expectant hand will be out almost every time you turn around. Here is a guide to help you do your duty and not inadvertently overdo it.



Food Service

Cleaning up the mess


Full Service Restaurant

In a full service sit down restaurant where your order is taken tableside, 15-20% rounded up to the nearest dollar. If a discount coupon is used, the tip should be calculated on the regular, non-discounted amount.

Partial Service Restaurant

10% if one leaves the dirty plates on the table, but if it is expected that you will clear your table and dump the leftovers in the trash on the way out, no tip is expected.

Home Delivery

5-10% of the total bill to the delivery person is appropriate.

Take Out

No tip is expected.

Bar Service

10–15% to the bar attendant and if given a complimentary drink, the tip should be about half the regular price.



Hotel Service




$1 - $3 paid when the car is returned (in one piece).


$1 - $2 for hailing a cab. If carrying bags for you, $2 for the first bag and $1 for each one after that, unless they are especially heavy, then $2 per bag would be more appropriate. Don't tip them for opening the door for you. That is going overboard and makes you look ridiculous.


Same as the doorman, a couple of dollars for the first bag and one or two dollars for each bag after that depending on how heavy they are and how far they are carried.

Maid Service

$3 - $5 per day. Since the maids cleaning your room can change from day to day the tip should be left on the pillow each day.



Airport & Taxis

Taxie in front of the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill



$2 for the first bag and $1 per bag after that.


Shared Ride Vans

$2 will cover it.


Less than 15% is a slight.




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