Everything you need when planing a vacation trip to San Francisco
The City of San Francisco


Free days are packed with people

Many of San Francisco's museums throw their doors open to the public, free of any admission charge, one day out of the month. We have compiled a list so you can see if you can benefit from their benevolence.

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Passport and money

In this section we discuss things that almost everyone in the US knows about, but might not be known to people coming from other countries, such as some of the finer point regarding our money system and liquor laws.

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Books, Books, Books

We consider a good travel book or two an essential travel item. Not only will it help you kill time when you find yourself waiting for things, but the right book can help deepen one's understanding of the richness of a place.

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From the Maltese Falcon

To help put you in the mood for your trip, we have put together a list of movies and some TV shows that are about or were shot in San Francisco.

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The towers of business in downtown San Francisco

It is always interesting to know a little bit about what the number keepers tell us about a place; How much do people here make, how does the crime compare to other places, how much do people pay for hotel rooms, etc. etc.

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Tip please

Traveling often puts you in different situations where people expect a tip from you for some small personal service. And not tipping can be a major faux pas. This guide will help you do it without over doing it.

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A great find

One of the challenges of adult life is how to get the biggest result from the resources we have to work with. Here we have our favorite tips for making sure we get great deals on things when we are on the road (and we often are).

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The weather in San Francisco is changing all the time.

San Francisco weather is notoriously difficult to predict. One problem is micro climates - it can be bright and sunny in one neighborhood and cold and foggy in another. But here are some major trends.


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The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

You are traveling to the location of the largest natural disaster in US history, so it is only natural to have a nagging feeling about it. We put the risks (and they are real) in perspective and pass along some advice about what to do.

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