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The free day line at the Academy of Sciences



Many of San Francisco's museums have free admission to their galleries one day a month. However, as good as that is, it can come at the cost of long lines and crowded exhibits. The above photo taken on a free day at the California Academy of Sciences shows only about a fifth of the line.


Below is a list of the institutions that offer free days. Their usual adult admission price is given so you can judge the savings.


There are two popular discount admission passes in San Francisco, CityPASS and Go Cards. The logos below indicate whether or not the institution participates with either program. No point in wasting a free day on a museum for which you already have a paid pass.


First Tuesday


GoCity PassInside the Leigon of HonorLegion of Honor Museum

Regular Adult $10


GoCity PassThe de Young Museumde Young Museum

Regular Adult $10


GoCity PassSMOMASF Museum of Modern Art

Regular Adult $15


A cartoonGoCartoon Museum

Regular Adult $6


GoStairsYBCA Galleries

Regular Adult $7


GoAt the Museum of Craft and Folk ArtCraft & Folk Art Museum

Regular Adult $5


GoConservitory of FlowersConservatory of Flowers

Regular Adult $7


A great art photoSF Cameraworks

Regular Adult $5


First Wednesday


GoCity PassThe Palace of Fine ArtsThe Exploratorium

Regular Adult $15


San Francisco ZooSan Francisco Zoo

Regular Adult $15 (SF Residents only)


First Thursday


Chinese Historical SocietyGoChinese Historical Society

Regular Adult $3


First Sunday


The Asian Art MuseumGoAsian Art Museum

Regular Adult $12


Third Wednesday


The Academy of SciencesGoCity PassAcademy of Sciences

Regular Adult $24.95



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